We are a full service decorating company dedicated to providing the best service, the best value,

and of course, the best decor.  We love to work in an eclectic style, mixing the old with the new, and

layering textures and patterns for interest.  

We make your home not just beautiful, but a true reflection of who you are and the life you live

within your home.  We listen, we provide guidance, and give solutions to the design

problems in your home such as flow and how to design a room that gets used.

Our passion and belief in creating homes that matter make us stand out in a sea of design, and our

dedication to our clients and to their homes is second to none.  

We also specialize in Outdoor Living.  Your backyard is more than just part of your property, it's a part of your home, and we aim to bring the same level of care and professional service to creating the outdoor living space of your dreams!

View our services and packages for any room, and know we will be with you every step of the way!


Virtual Design
In-House Room Consultation

Entire Home Renovation Consultation

Finishing Touches Package

Full-Service Decor & Management (traditional design services)

Color Consultation

Outdoor Living Package

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