We currently offer (3) design packages and a color consultation package for your design needs.


Overview: Onsite Color Work | (4) Week Duration
We provide you with a concrete color plan, you make it a reality!  Don't be overwhelmed with maximizing your home's cohesiveness and flow. Forget waiting in those long lines or agonizing over thousands of colors with no guidance or direction.  Let us come in and streamline the process!

Our customized Color Consultation is created for each space, and based on your needs. Take out the guesswork, and let us create a color palette that is uniquely you!


  • Provision of paint samples (up to three per space)

  • Provision for paint materials as needed (brushes, sponges, tarps, etc)

  • Ongoing consultation for the duration of the package via text and email

  • Establish a color palette to maximize flow

  • Assistance with color selection

  • Travel up to 60 minutes

  • Customized written color plan, complete with brand name, paint color name, wall application, paint finish to be given to your contractor

  • (3) in person meetings during the color selection process

  • Overview of contractors to ensure quality of work and




Meeting 1

Evaluation and discussion of the space being addressed
Make initial color scheme choices (up to (3) colors per space) Haven Road Interiors will provide color samples and paint fan decks

Meeting 2

Initially selected color samples will be applied and left on the wall(s) to be previewing during light changes in the room.


Meeting 3
Final evaluation and selection of colors, preferably within 72 hours of the initial application of color samples

FLAT RATE DESIGN FEE: $500.00 per room

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